Result Submission Guideline


This is a low-tech way of doing this. However, with the limited resources, this will get the job done.


You all have to do is send our Chief Result Management an email. Here is the description of the email.


Mail subject:


      "UXXXX mm/dd/yy Team 1 vs. Team 2" (Without the quotation marks)

o     UXXXX is your division

o     Team 1 is the home team

o     Team 2 is the visiting team


If your email client doesnt support HTML, please use Word and send as an attachment.)

(Forget about the format, just 5 lines of text - no bullet points or color.)


Also, please send your result along with a team photo with full names in parentheses identified from left to right in the mail body. For example, (Larry Lee, Ron Wallace, Sam Kim, Tri Mai, Voung Mai, Steve Li) Therefore, no last name in the result will be needed. See the following example.

====== Beginning of the mail body

(Larry Lee, Ron Wallace, Sam Kim, Tri Mai, Voung Mai, Steve Li)

CNetwork lost to Palo Alto Team 5 1-4


Larry lost to Steven 1:3 (14-12,10-12,7-11,9-11)

Ron lost to Tri 0:3 (5-11,10-12,5-11)

Ron/Sam lost to Tri/Voung 2:3 (4-11,11-7,11-8,8-11,8-11)

Larry over Vuong 3:0 (11-5,11-9,11-5)

Sam lost to Steven 1:3 (8-11,7-11,12-10,4-11)

====== End of the mail body


In the above example,


      CNetwork was the home team and Palo Alto Team 5 was the visiting team. The home team is always in the front.

      Larry, Ron, Sam were in CNetwork while Steven, Tri, and Voung were in Palo Alto Team 4.

      Please highlight the results as above.

      In the case of home team wins, the first line of in the mail body will be " CNetwork over Palo Alto Team 5 4-1". Of course, the score will be different accordingly. Again, the home team should ALWAYS in the front.


This will make BATTF's result management much easier. Team competition results and any question about the result should be sent to:


   BATTF <>

   Jerome Poon <>


The score sheet can be found here. It will be handy if you printed some extra pages before the season. If possible, fax the hardcopy score sheet to 408-942-8962 as well. (Or scan it then email) If not, please keep it safely just in case we need it to correct errors.


Please submit the result no later than 48 hours after the team contest has been played.